Macam-Macam Adaa..



Here, u can smell the 'racist' air around u.. Yes, it is quite obvious..

Nahh..!! It's the knowledge I need anyway, not appreciation from people. But, to live in a real world, u need people to make u move forward.. The knowledge u gain from reading and stuff seems not much helping. The practical exposure is what u need in line with the position u carry on your shoulder. When u've been underestimated for things u didn't have the opportunity to stand up to..they easily can make u 'arghhhhh...'.. And are just too afraid u will 'win the trophy'..they were just tooooo COWard!

Ahh..Keje kat mane2 pun ade je masalahnye..dari zaman lepas SPM sampai abis degree.. shakey's pizza, kedai buku terminal, delifrance bistro, primary school Teacher, cikgu PLKN, site engineer...waahh...look at u many job u did before uhh??

So?All that experience teaches u a lot.. U keje, u learn from ur job, u get paid, u keje, u learn from ur job, u get paid..setahun..2 tahun..carik keje lain, demand gaji sket.dapat je...u blah..




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