Macam-Macam Adaa..


Jambu Batu

Yesterday at 4.45p.m.

He: Do u got any job right now?

Me: Yes

He: I ask u because Tony said don't jump queue as he already got several job that he gave u

Me: ah ha..

He: This job a, I will give it to u later, after u finished the project u're doing now..

He: bla bla bla bla jfri';dfhoujndifhjoaehd(&%)(#y209347oshndjfiopabet   "the technical thing aa..supposed to be in your blood already aa.." why a u don't go to the site aa?? bla bla bla hjosdfh[ouhrto[jfljsfn

Me: [panassss...malas nak ckp lebih..nodding..]


Me: Yeah, The project, sooner or later u still gonna give it to me. So, just give it to me now..
He: Ok..ok..u aahh...bla bla bla bla blakpfj paoifhoiadhfo0  anjing kucing sipota oaidfhpioadjfbpi

Me: Yes..[nodding..]....i make a move now..ade byk drawing laa  bos..btw, when u want me to finished this one?

He: By tuesday..nevermind lah, u just give me the typical detail drawing ONLY la haa..


Today, 10 minutes ago

Person A: "asma, bos said by monday u need to finish all the drawing with the proposal and the method of statement [full proposal] for the Pantai Hospital and give it to me. cos i need to check it first before submit to the client"

Me: Ngaaa...????

Tahi Lembu. to He..ko mmg tahi lembu

And yes.. the title for this entry..again..x kene mengene dgn isi..


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