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The Akad Nikah : AsmaFirdaus

Alhamdulillah. Syukur Ya Allah.

Selamat bergelar isteri kepada Firdaus pada 21 Jun 2014 yang lalu. 

Only Allah s.w.t knows what I've been through to get to this. Million thanks to family, family and family for their support and never stop syukur to Allah s.w.t. for this gift. The ceremony takes place at my home, Kg. Jiboi Baru Seremban and inviting neighbour , close relative and close friends only. As our decision to get nikah before Ramadhan (few months earlier from our plan), we decided to go on with the 'wajib' only with no reception ceremony and stuff . Too many things I like to share on my wedding , especially the D.I.Y thingy done by SIL and me. (but not now ya..hehe) 

This photo collection shared by friends and siblings and still waiting photo from my OP. 

InshaAllah more photo on next entry.

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