Macam-Macam Adaa..


i Got No Bone


  It's me..yeah me..

Look at me closely..Realllyy close..Recognised me??


Then U must not be Mak's friend at Jengka..

Oh.. yeah..this is my friend..but he always sleep..He likes to sleep..Pity me..Sigh..

Hai to Mak's friend who still recognize me..say hai to my Mak also okay??

*My name? Please refer entry title
*Who is Mak?=my keeper=some call her asma=some call her nut

Dear Friend during Diploma in Uitm Jengka..Miss u guys..

i got no kidding!

**Yes, Mak is a bit un-arranged this past few weeks..lucky she got Cow-dee-doo..err...cow-who??

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