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Buka Puasa @ Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

17 Ramadhan

My friend got the invitation from supplier to buka puasa at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya..and she ask me to come along cos one of her collegues cannot make it..So, looks like it's my lucky day lah that day!

Buffet Ramadhan @ CTP for that day serves us with the malay traditional delicacy. There are not so many type of food as we are on a boat kan, but it tastes good. We taste almost all kind of food ya! Buka Puasa entry supposed to have photos of foods, foods and foods..but I am more eager for the cruise.. (^_^)"

Thanks Farrah for the opportunity!

 Just arrived..Parking Full!!

 Mesti ko ingat ko lawa..huh! haha

 @ CTP Lobby, waiting for azan

After Maghrib, while waiting for others to finished their prayer

Yeah..."Kelah" is the name..boat [boat ke?] name are given fish name..others are "Sebarau"

 While we're eating, we passed by this bridge..

 Capture the moment from our eating table only lo!

 Finished eating, and we went up to enjoy the scenery =)

 They turn on the colourful light at the bridge [don't ask me the name of the bridge, I can't remember cos there are several bridges here at Putrajaya]

 Cantik tak jambatan tu? Cantik kan? Abaikan orang2 yang posing amik gamba tu yeh..haha

 Last scenery before the end of our cruise..

Before leaving the jetty we take a look the rate for the cruise..and we like "gulp..!! " Haha ..Click here and here for the rate information

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