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Fans of oldies rock band? i Like their song actually..

This is what i just discover not long time ago. Not important though.

Song "Dreams" by The Corrs is a cover song from the original song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac

Ever heard of film title 10Things I Hate About You?? [Played by late  Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles] Then u must knew/remember the song for this film by Letters of Cleo called " I Want You To Want Me". The original singer of the song was by Cheap Trick

Baby Hit Me One More Time song by Britney Spears who is still nerd young girl at that moment is more pleasant hearing with the cover song by The Barracudas

I am sure that there is a song from hindi movie [old hindi movie played by Shammi Kapoor was inspired by The Beatles  song  I Want To Hold Your Hand [the video is quite blur.sorry for that] Okayyyy..Don't ask me how can i know the old hindi actor okayy..hahaha  [am trying my best to find the hindi song that similar]

Know a song that is quite similar with song  Kamu by Nitrus [similar??haha..okay,kantoi kat situ Nitrus mencedok lagu asal by ....... [am working on the original band and the song..]
Another one , O.A.G song Generasiku also have similarity with this english song [also am working on the original band and the song..] Actually i have it in my laptop [both the original song ] but my laptop is dead..*sob sob* 

Told my big bro bout the similarity [i called that copycat--!!]..then he said that every band has their influence and idol. From there they will create their own song that the melody, rhyme, bla bla will be much or less similar with their idol band.. [berterabur ko explen ni senahhh!!] So, think my big bro the reason is much more acceptable.. Still ..will do the research [while i still can as for next month will be less "freetime" like i used to have..]..Gambarimasu asuma!!

My all time fave Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries, The Beatles [to name a few..]

The 3 earlier album from Alanis Morissette is much more closed to me..the rest,urghh..Introduced to me by my bro [cos he bought AM 1st album 'Jagged Little Pill'--not really introduced pun cos everything he did at the moment will also be followed by me..hahaha]

I knew The Cranberries from their song Zombie.. At that time i was just only  9 years old ! Watched their concert, clips from television [time tu die slalu kluar tibi kann..] Few years after, I heard their others song after my bro [ko lagi nana..uishh uishh..] have their full album in MP3 format in my early secondary.

The Beatles..hahaha..It was nobody's influence..[from the television i guess]..First time i knew them from their movie "A Hard Days Night" which is also their song title. Watched it with my father..He explains this and that about TB to me [even i was still child time tu ye..]..Nat King Cole one of my  dad's fave singer. [ouh..and about my header yg gambar Audrey Hepburn ni..xkene mengene dgn bapak ye..haha..tunggu aku ltk gmbar Grace Kelly lak..hihi..both sgt awesomely superb gorgeous mase muda2..]..Maybe my likes and knowledge on OLDIES movies,band, song , singer, hindi actor and actress, bla bla bla comes from him [my dad] This will probably answer how i knew Shammi Kapoor [datuk sedare si Karisma Kapoor--u see..i can even relate their family now!..uihh...hahaha--kalau knowledge sal benda yg I study/ work still acceptable aite?It's ok..insyaAllah i will share the experience/knowledge that i will gain about my work later..later okayy..later..]

Then slowly,sometimes i tuning to old classic radio station [can't remember the name lah..light and easy i think] and listen to the oldies..semata2 nak dgr lagu the beatles..[time tu xde Hitz fm, xde fly fm, xde era, xde semua yg ade yg hot2 skng ni i can remember, hitz fm started their operation in my early secondary, fly fm pulak when i'm in semester 4 time diploma-- 2005] Sangat bergantung kat Radio muzik,  THR mase tu..Then bought their tape for the first time in my 5th grade in primary[cehh..mcm skolah omputih lak..5th grade!!darjah 5 ye readers..] .. haha..time tu jugak beli kaset BSB dgn 911 [mase tu tgh hot..urghhhh....hahaha..okeyy..they aren't my all time fave k..]..Get down...get down ...and moving all around..get down get down..hahaha

And for this song..tiap kali dgr..meremang je it very of angels soundtrack from AM UNINVITED [tgk x movie tu?played by Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan..they really know how to make u cry!sedih cite ni]

To dear readers who knows what i've been going through now..wanted to tell ya that I'm last!! and now .. I Feel Fine  (^_^)
Thank u for ur support ya!

**sorry didn't mean to tunjuk handal or terer dlm entry kali ni..just sharing!that is what blog for..soke2ati menolis **

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[ a D D y h A I K A L ] berkata...

lagu kamu tu ada sama ke?

tapi aku sokong brother ko yang kata act dia bukan meniru..

cuma "sound like"

kadang2 bila kita nak buat lagu dalam kepala ni ada je lagu2 yang sentiasa berulang2..

asma HazeLnut berkata...

yeap..cume idea2 yg diambil..nice start for them at that mo..

Kekanak Osaka berkata...

hebatnya dia pi research sumer ni. tabik2.

tulah, biasanya artis dia start off pun sebab insipired by other artists and kat situ akan nampak influence idol diorang.

tapi seriously, hebatlah your research.

asma HazeLnut berkata...

zeti osaka chan..

hihi..bile dah lame dok ade lam kepale.then asik terpikir2 je sendiri..xberkembang tul so, i let it out and here it goes to my blog..time tgh rajin nii..


Phosphorescent Beetle berkata...